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About Us

A huge hello and welcome to our website! Thank you for visiting us and your interest in our healthy dog treats.

Caroline and Chelsea officially launched their treats in April 2019 after a successful trial period. They were initially named I Love My V-Dog (also I Love My Dog V-Style) but wanted to re-launch as soon as they had more time to set up professionally. Herbipaws was born in summer 2019 and the company re-launched in December 2019.

Herbipaws was established after Caroline had an epiphany; we think carefully about the food we put into our own bodies, but then naturally accept regular store-bought food for our dogs. Upon researching the ingredients of many main stream foods and treats and being both disappointed and concerned by these, Caroline set out to produce her own dog food, for her own dogs, and to source treats with no harmful ingredients. 

Once Caroline shared this with Chelsea, together they agreed that this was an important message to pass on to other loving dog parents. As a part of the market where products are often quite expensive, they began immediately selling to the public and received a wonderful response.

With a range of treats from large to small, hard to soft, Herbipaws truly offer something for everyone. All treats are made of plant-based ingredients with no harmful chemicals, additives, artificial colourings or flavourings. They are produced using quality processes and with love and care for the value of the products. Aiming to keep prices down to allow for great value for money, to support a network of healthy dogs who are able to thrive.